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Letters from Whitechapel.


In loving memory of Handles 

"Attention. Emergenc-"

"Handles, what is it? What’s wrong?"

"Urgent. Action required. You must patch the telephone device through the console unit."

"Come back. Handles. Handles. Thank you, Handles… and well done. Well done, mate."

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The Big Bang // The Time of the Doctor

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Le sigh.

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Can’t wait until I can buy that on a t-shirt tomorrow! #internetdontfailmenow

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Happy 50th to the Doctor and his TARDIS.

Here’s a collection of my artwork that I felt would be appropriate for The Day of the Doctor! The paintings starting from the top are All of Time and Space, The Roar of Our Stars, The Turn of the Universe, The Parting of the Ways, and The Lonely God. (The bottom four are licensed through Big Chief Studios / BBC!)

Thank you to everyone who has supported my art throughout the years! I really appreciate it and couldn’t have gotten this series done without ya’ll.



The 12 Types of Doctor Who Fans

Maybe if you click-through to Dorkly.com, you’ll discover that this comic is even bigger on the inside…

I have seen every one of these people on Tumblr.

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The nightmares that are kept in the dark.

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